May 18, 2023
Todd Richter
While Todd Richter has established himself as one of Wall Street's foremost healthcare analysts, his personal life revolves around a different passion — dogs. Despite his professional pursuits in the financial world, Richter's deep affection for canines has led him to make a significant impact in the realm of animal welfare.

A serendipitous encounter with a small and ailing pup named Henry marked a turning point in Richter's life. He opened his heart and home to this once-ailing creature, nursing him back to health from a state of malnourishment and near-death. However, Richter's connection extended beyond his own beloved pet; he also forged a crucial bond with the adoption agency, Bideawee. Founded over a century ago in Manhattan, this esteemed shelter continues to thrive to this day. Richter's dedication to the cause is exemplified by his role as the vice chair of strategic planning on Bideawee's Board of Directors.

Moreover, Richter's commitment to the welfare of animals inspired him to establish and finance the Bideawee Todd Richter Foster Program. This innovative initiative allows individuals who may be unable to adopt a pet or wish to provide temporary assistance to become foster caregivers for animals in need throughout Manhattan and the greater New York area. By spearheading this program, Richter ensures that both prospective pet owners and compassionate individuals can contribute to the well-being of these vulnerable creatures.

Todd Richter's altruism and devotion to the welfare of animals showcase his compassionate nature beyond his illustrious financial career. Through his involvement with Bideawee and the establishment of the foster program, Richter continues to make a lasting difference in the lives of countless animals and the hearts of those who care for them in the bustling city of New York.